Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another walk into the wilderness...

The biggest problem of being human is the capability to think that has been given to us by God, or by nature, whatever you want to believe in. Thinking as a package, has both positive and negative effects, but the problem is that we are affected mostly by the negative side of this 'gift'.
As I walked down the street once again this evening, I was struck by this preposterous gift almost immediately the moment I looked up into the sky. Nature has always fascinated me, just like a huge majority of us humans, and just a moment of losing myself to it seems like an eternity of penance for a thousand sins I might've committed.
I look toward the moon and the stars almost everytime I go out for a walk, but today as I sought to enchant my soul with the mesmerizations of the infinite, I lost myself amidst the scatter of the stars. This was when the demon of the God-gifted entity that I am, struck me.
I was serenaded by the little bombshells this demon catapults, commonly known as thoughts. The light of one single star caught my attention. It was a bright little star, but it seemed inconspicuous most of the time because it was just some way off a constellation of its fellow beings, that absorbed most of the attention that was given in that direction.
I wondered how happily, or sadly that star was lost in its own insignificance. It was as though destiny had played a game with that star, seperating it from the constellation and yet keeping it just so far that it could not deem it's own significance. Maybe that star too would have done something wrong, that it seemed to be happy in this oblivion, or maybe, it was just a pretentious star. The star could not still cease to shine. It was made by nature to shine, so it had to shine, keeping the ignorance of all the other significant stars and also of the demi-god of the night, the moon, at bay. They hardly noticed the loneliness of this star, too busy grabbing all the attention themselves.
All these questions enacted by my brain were testimony to the betrothal of this star to my own entity at that particular time, one lost in a sea of stars, while the other lost in a jungle of human beings. Both seeking attention in their own ways, but both fading out into a wider oblivion. While I walk just to kill my loneliness trying to lose myself within this whirlpool of people, the star shines just as beautifully as it can, to undo its loneliness.
But maybe, it does not shine to try to get rid of its oblivion and just shines gratefully for the fact that it merely exists. Maybe, it does not loathe all it's fellow celestial bodies for pushing it into oblivion, and rather shines with the humility of being present right there, by their side. It gets its own moments of attention when people like me look at it and wonder why it shines. So, it shines with hope, enthralling one and all who look at it, making them realize that their moment in the limelight will come, they just have to keep shining with their deeds. Someone or the other will realize the light they reflect to brighten the path of life of that someone who seems to be oblivious at that moment in time.
This is the reason why I love walking so much. Every time I discover a new person in myself, someone who hasn't lost his hope, hasn't given in to the indifference of the people, and every time I end up thanking the nature and the god-gifted demon I possess. Yet, I call it a demon, because it possesses the capability to flood the mind with fear, and also to give the most beautiful of nature's creations like the stars the souls of human beings, making it possible for them to hate, loathe, mistrust, and expect.
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